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                    Social responsibility

                    Love in Xinnuo, let life continue.

                    On June 16, 2017, at the call of the enterprise management center, all the staff of xinnolixing co., ltd. launched a charity event to raise money for wang jian's family. Wang jian, an ordinary father of hundreds of millions of people, and an ordinary employee of thousands of people, had a brain tumor at the age of six and broke the peaceful and happy life. Company leaders know this matter, the transaction is busy, don't forget the heart more employees, please protect always close feeling, immediately organize activities of collection, every factory leadership, employees generously, donations, cigna across the spectrum of the movement of love.

                    On June 16th, the solicitation proposal was issued, which aroused the high concern of the whole factory. He is our colleague, is our comrades, is the same as our parents, we in line with the "party hard, p plus support" of the spirit of mutual aid, regardless of their ability, regardless of how much of your gift, regardless of the size of the generosity of successively, have given their love, by the end of the 21, a total of 32840 yuan. 22 in the morning, the sky floating drizzle, production consultant cheng-wu wang, north courtyard in zhen-qiang liu, vice factory director yong-feng gao wen, the love of hr manager Liu Lamei line will gather to Wang Jiangu, thousands of sino person with lots of love and hope to children from pain, firm faith, usher in the spring of life.

                    The disease is merciless and human. Love in cigna, let life continue!


                    Sales call:0317-5882676 Human resources department:0317-5881516

                    Add:Lvqiao Industrial Park,Huanghua,Hebei Province,China | Email:hr@sinocoalchem.com

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