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                    Xinnuo news

                    School-enterprise cooperation promotes development.

                    On April 6, 2017, huanghua cigna state hing chemical co., LTD., a human resources department minister Liu Lamei of people went to the secondary and the principal Li Bingzhong, vice President of Liu Chungang, director of admissions JiuYeBan Liu Baochuan orientation training such as the specific cooperation.

                    On the same day, director liu also visited our company's major production plants, and made thumb up to our company's frontier chemical industry.

                    On April 7, our company special lecture hall in the on-the-job preach, more than 100 students to sign up, to participate, from the history of the company when it comes to the company's future planning, from the salary, benefits when it comes to career planning, the atmosphere of harmony.

                    The school-enterprise cooperation will adopt the innovation mode of "propaganda + visit + double selection + orientation professional training + shanggang". Means that in the future we will and the surrounding area schools to carry out the depth cooperation, further open the cultivation model of "engineering change" a new chapter, not only help to solve the employment problem, and help enterprises to solve the problem of recruitment difficult, low quality of employees, create a win-win situation.

                    Sales call:0317-5882676 Human resources department:0317-5881516

                    Add:Lvqiao Industrial Park,Huanghua,Hebei Province,China | Email:hr@sinocoalchem.com

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