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                    Xinnuo news

                    The public information of Huanghua Xinnuo Lixing Fine Chemical Stock Co.,Ltd

                    Huanghua cigna xing chemical co., LTD., located in huanghua Lv Qiao town industrial park, founded in 2004 on March 19, legal representative: in the jin army, after more than 10 years of development, now our company main pollutant for particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, COD, ammonia nitrogen, VOC.

                    The specific control measures include: boiler flue gas through multi-tube dust collector + hemp desulfurization tower +SNCR processing and on-line monitoring discharge; Gas boiler flue gas through low carbon combustion emission; Installation, tank area, loading and unloading vehicle flue gas in the original text of the smoke in the smoke of the pipe to absorb the standard discharge, now convenient to manage the smoke absorption of the smoke in the sutras and the RTO storage and burning + alkaline cleaning discharge; The exhaust of benzene anhydride is burned by RTO heat storage and alkaline cleaning. The dust particles were collected and discharged by pulsed cloth bag dust collector. Effluent treatment effluent through closed collection of biological washing disposal; The circulating water of benzoic anhydride is discharged online. The main pollutants of our company are COD, nh3-n, S02 and NOx. Benzene anhydride circulating water discharge pH 7.0 ~ 8.0, COD, suspended matter, ammonia nitrogen, chromaticity, emissions of phosphate concentration of 38 mg/L respectively, 6 mg/L, 0.22 mg/L, 20 times, 0.425 mg/L, 150 mg/m3 S02 boiler flue gas emissions, NOx emission of 170 mg/m3, adsorption and burning regenerator VOC emissions S02 90 mg/m3, NOx emission of 140 mg/m3, carbon 18 mg/m3, venturi washing oil adsorption recycling total hydrocarbon oil and gas of methane emission light component of 0.22 mg/m3, benzene anhydride slice packing bag complement dust particulates emissions of 19.2 mg/m3, unorganized emissions toluene: 0.8 mg/m3; Xylene: 0.5mg/m3; Non-methane total hydrocarbon 2.0mg /m3; Ammonia concentration was 0.331mg/m3, hydrogen sulfide concentration was 0.006mg/m3, odor concentration was 18, and the noise in the factory was 60.5-64.0 dB(A), 52.4 -- 54.3dB(A) at night. The annual emission of waste gas is 132.68/ year, the nitrogen oxide is 65.4 tons/year, the particulate matter is 6.89 tons/year, the annual discharge of waste water is 4.81 tons/year and ammonia nitrogen is 0.557 tons/year.

                    The company has no excessive emission of environmental violations; In recent years, environmental investment has exceeded 100 million yuan, and the investment in sewage treatment has reached 80 million RMB. The specific environmental protection equipment and its operation are as follows:

                    1. Emission and control measures.

                    1) the main pollutants of phenolic salts are phenolic and sulfuric acid, which are processed by alkali liquor absorption and treated with waste gas incineration.

                    2) asphalt tank zone (west) asphalt smoke exhaust, main pollutants, such as asphalt smoke, benzene and a pyrene with venturi + washing oil absorption tower processing, processing of waste gas is introduced into RTO organic waste gas burning system.

                    3) terminal, the terminal tossing in oil and gas exhaust gas main pollutant for phenol, benzene, toluene, xylene, the total hydrocarbon, such as methane with venturi + washing oil absorption tower processing, processing of waste gas is introduced into RTO organic waste gas burning system.

                    4) tube furnace exhaust gas: with natural gas as fuel, the main pollutants are smoke, SO2 and NOX, and the flue gas is discharged by 16m high chimney.

                    5) the exhaust gas of gas boiler is discharged through low carbon combustion exhaust pipe, and the coal fired boiler is processed through on-line monitoring by multi-tube dust remover and desulfurization tower +SNCR.

                    6) benzene anhydride emission mainly contains water vapor, CO2, CO, O2, SO2, N2 and organic matter, which is introduced into RTO organic waste gas incineration system.

                    7) pure benzene anhydride knot piece of packaging waste: pure benzene anhydride knot piece of phthalic anhydride which was produced from the dust in the process of packaging, set up in producing dust above the gas-collecting hood to collect raise the phthalic anhydride of dust, waste gas by pipeline to send pulse bag filter processing, with the height of 15 m vent discharge after.

                    8) water ring vacuum pump exhaust: the main pollutant of the exhaust gas is non-methane total hydrocarbon, which is pumped out by the vacuum pump, and the RTO organic waste gas incineration system is processed by safe water seal.

                    9) 100000 tons/year plasticizer process exhaust: activated carbon loading process of dust, particle, for after 1 bag precipitator purification by 1 root 15 m vent discharge after processing, activated carbon adsorption tank organic waste gas, the line of main pollutant total for non methane hydrocarbon organic waste gas, after purification by activated carbon adsorption tank, 1 root 25 m vent discharge.

                    Second, waste water treatment station investment more than eight thousand ten thousand yuan, the company factory now has a waste water treatment station, is a triple effect evaporation unit (3 sets of evaporation equipment), removing phenol - steamed ammonia - biochemical treatment unit (2 sets), Fenton oxidation - reverse osmosis desalination processing unit, the wastewater treatment station wastewater treatment after all used in the production, not outside. From August 1, 2011 to August 3, 2011, the environmental monitoring center of hebei province completed and inspected the treatment effect of wastewater treatment station, and passed the acceptance of the environmental protection department of hebei province. The effluent water quality after wastewater treatment station meet the urban sewage recycling industrial water quality (GB/T19223-2005) in the make-up water standard open circulating cooling water system, water used in the production of all back.

                    Phthalic anhydride circulating cooling water system outside the regular drainage in total discharge outlet online monitoring devices installed wastewater, the equipment is on October 1, 2017 match networking, December 28, 2017, automatic monitoring site end acceptance of the work done, acceptance through.

                    Three, the company produces noise mainly comes from equipment noise, including high pressure centrifugal fan, fan, induced draft fan, compressor, pump, mixer, etc., sound level in 85 ~ 105 db (A) within the scope of business mainly adopted building sound insulation and noise elimination method of governance, including set in the import and export of the air compressor, blower noise reducing noise is strong, the air duct package sound absorption treatment; The noise-making equipment is arranged in the machine room, and double glazing and sound insulation are installed to reduce the noise in the way of building sound insulation. The noise in the factory after treatment is lower than the standard of GB 12348-90 III. The company also equipped the operators with earplugs, earmuffs and other personal protective equipment to reduce the harm of noise to workers.

                    Company in the process of production, construction waste is mainly living garbage and waste, the waste to municipal garbage processing department for processing, the processing unit of waste to have relevant qualifications for free-pollution disposal, details are as follows: hazardous waste generated in actual operating company include: sewage treatment plant sewage treatment plant outside the laboratory waste liquid, waste catalyst oxidation device, discharge online monitoring waste liquid, waste liquid and waste activated carbon, the feasible process sewage treatment plant sludge, the sewage treatment plant sewage treatment plant laboratory waste liquid volume of 0.54 t/a, oxidation, the amount of spent catalyst for 60 t / 3 a/time, external drainage online monitoring waste liquid 0.37 t/a, waste activated carbon 18.67 t/a, the scientific research process waste liquid of 26.1 kg/a, 14.08 t/a sewage treatment plant sludge. There are three hazardous waste temporary storage facilities in the factory, and the disposal of hazardous waste in hazardous waste disposal agreement.

                    The company has built a perfect emergency system for environmental pollution accidents, prepared corresponding emergency plans, and recorded them in the environmental protection bureau. The environmental factors are monitored and monitored many times each year.

                    Companies in strict accordance with the government regulations on time full specified amount pay blowdown (tax), strictly implement environmental social responsibility, strengthen internal management, to ensure normal functioning of the environmental protection facilities, maximum reduce the pollution from production to the environment, environmental protection facilities operation of investment each year alone has more than twenty million yuan. Every year, we will conduct environmental protection training for all employees, and organize environmental knowledge competition, emergency drill and other activities to enhance the environmental awareness of the whole staff.

                    Company updates the country, the local government's latest laws, regulations and rules and regulations on environmental protection, and connecting with the company status updates the internal environmental management rules and regulations, clear, rewards and punishments and rewards and punishment, the environmental protection work in place.

                    Sales call:0317-5882676 Human resources department:0317-5881516

                    Add:Lvqiao Industrial Park,Huanghua,Hebei Province,China | Email:hr@sinocoalchem.com

                    Copyright © Huanghua Xinnuo Lixing Fine Chemical Stock Co.,Ltd

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