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                    Location:Home > Products

                    Apppearance: White flake crystals with a characteristic aromatic odor similar to naphthalene.

                    Property: Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether, benzene and carbon disulfide.

                    Main Purpose: Used as raw materials for organic synthesis. It can be made into trinitrofluorenone for electrophotographic; Synthetic aryl transparent nylon; also as substitute for antimony synthetic indanthrene dye, anticonvulsants, sedatives, analgesics, antihypertensive drugs; Insecticides, herbicides; Preparation of impact resistant plexiglass and furfural resins,wetting agents, detergents, liquid flash, disinfectants and so on.

                    Packing: 50kg woven bag lined with plastic film or according to customer requirements.

                    Sales call:0317-5882676 Human resources department:0317-5881516

                    Add:Lvqiao Industrial Park,Huanghua,Hebei Province,China | Email:hr@sinocoalchem.com

                    Copyright © Huanghua Xinnuo Lixing Fine Chemical Stock Co.,Ltd

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